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Designs By DJR puts the visual in visual storytelling. Developing the right design elements to help tell your story is crucial. Making sure the look of your film or video is tailored to the target audience is vital to the success of any project. I feel confident my skills at Concept Development and Visual Ideation will be everything needed to put out a solid game changer.

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These talents and skills with visuals don't stop with what's in the project, it also extends to all necessary materials that assist in marketing and building awareness. DJR is dedicated to crafting eye-popping imagery that is visually stunning. Here we strive to ignite the digital canvas with impactful & effective design solutions.

Posters, Digital Graphics, Flyers, Logos, Website Imagery, Website Layouts, any necessary elements for the film/video and more.

Torrent's Film Poster Nomination For Best Poster
Messiah's Film Poster nominated form Bes Film Poster
Character poster for the award-winning feature film Torrent (2017).
Messiah Character Poster - Messiah
Messiah Character Poster - Chad
Messiah Character Poster - Roxy
Messiah Character Poster - Xander
Torrent (2017) Official Film Poster
Messiah (2018) Official Film Poster
Sundown (2015) Official Film Poster
Vessel (2016) Film Poster

Website Layout designs and Mobile version examples

from Designs By DJR

Messiah Mobile Site
Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.22.47 PM
Design Portfolio Site DJR
DJR Stills Photography Mobile Site
Produced By DJR
Written By DJR
TV Director on set
Film Set
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