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Whether it's bringing a film to an audience or connecting a brand to its target market, DJR knows the right way to get your content in front of the right people. A successful multi-functional strategy involves understanding the unique needs and expectations of your market and targeting your content to engage the right message to the right person at the right time and through the right platform.

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The film market has become oversaturated and moviegoers are forced to decide what is worth their time through a vast wilderness of ads and promos for what they should see. Eclipsing the competition in order to garner the attention of the fast-paced consumer is the name of the game when it comes to bringing films and TV shows to an audience. That means utilizing the right materials on the right platform, all distributed at the right time. A lot goes into figuring this out, from studying analytics to researching past campaign tactics, the content you put out to get your story in front of the right eyes is critical for success. Taking all this and more into account, DJR will develop a plan, craft videos necessary to enhance the narrative, as well as design elements like posters or graphics that truly sell the greatness behind your project. Stories provide opportunities for marketing campaigns to stand out among the rest. Marketing by DJR prides itself on finding those opportunities and provides the world, with a truly unique experience.


Whether its a music video, film or commercial, these pieces of media are a representation of some type of brand. This could be a particular franchise, artist, or service, but one thing is for sure every brand has its own story to tell. To figure out its narrative, one must first unlock the mysteries behind its identity. A brand's identity goes much deeper than a logo or a slogan. Successful branding cannot only advance your economic value but allow you to become a household name. It is all in the execution. Focusing on what makes an impactful impression, sparks the target market's interest and generates the customer to engage is the formula for success in any marketing endeavor. A legendary brand fosters long-lasting bonds and an unprecedented amount of loyalty. DJR looks to get a client's message and identity clearly defined, properly launched, and poised to increase a market presence while continuing to keep a competitive advantage.


There is no shortage of videos and advertisements in the digital world today. So crafting a means of getting people's attention through moving images means taking things up a notch. Not just any video will do if you want to entice your existing followers as well as grow your base. In order to do this DJR develops media custom-fitted to take advantage of each digital platform's unique characteristics to incite action and increase the number of viewers. DJR will utilize his master-storytelling ability to go beyond the narrative to create lead generating content in a quick and concise manner. This will result in the creation of unique videos tailored around the existing storyline to spread the message and enhance the overall experience. Whether it is creating brand films or interactive VR experiences to promote the project, through imagination and innovation we can unveil your content in a manner that can best be best described as game-changing.

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