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Janell Wheeler Try Poster

Janell Wheeler - "Try"


Former American Idol Sweetheart Janell Wheeler stars in this story about a young girl going through the motions of having her partner not be able to fully commit.


Writer/Director: D.J. Rivera  

Producer: D.J. Rivera


Khamelien - "Angel's Calling"


As Khamelien looks for his soulmate, he begins to see angels everywhere. He hears Angel's calling and finally finds his perfect match. The video stars Maxim Model Liz Chavez and contains a cameo from N'Sync's Chris Kirkpatrick.



Producer: D.J. Rivera

The Dealers Poster

The Dealers - "Hate to Tell You"

When a young couple starts to have problems, the girlfriend makes a hasty decision, which inevitably ends their relationship. The reflection process of her lost love and what happened is showcased beautifully through picture frames using CGI.


Producer: D.J. Rivera

Khamelien - "Sexy Ladies"

Central Florida singing sensation Khamelien talks about how no matter where he goes or where he is in the world, he is always surrounded by sexy ladies.

Producer: D.J. Rivera

Adrian Villaverde - "One Night @ Forum"


We take you inside the show that is One Night @ Forum. Watch Gainesville's finest, Adrain Villaverde tear it up from literally every aspect of this show. 12 cameras, hundreds of fans, and One Night @ Forum.



Producer: D.J. Rivera

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