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DJR Stills believes there are untold stories within every frame and excels in the art of capturing that greatness. Just because an image isn't moving doesn't mean it can't be a means of storytelling. Every still tells a unique tale, every photograph recalls a memory, every image leaves behind a lasting impression. Get your message across with a single moment. Unveil your creative side in the blink of an eye. Showcase your brand's potential and superiority. Leave behind a throwback that inspires. Destiny is right in front of you, it is time to take it and capture your legacy with DJR Stills.

DJR STILLS Los Angeles Photography Awards
Los Angeles Photography Awards DJR Stills Photo
DJR Stills Award
DJR Stills Photographer of the Month
Create Your Own Way
Liz Chavez - Angel
Country Rock Goddess
Free Thinker
Stand Tall No Matter What.
Janell Wheeler
Your Chariot Awaits
Those Who Came Before
Strings at Rest
Cowboy Jack
Camaro's Smile
Liz Chavez - Angel II
The Don
Angels Calling
Blisters on me Fingers
Beware The Siren Song
The Guardian Angel
Path to Gold
The Saint
  • Photographer
  • Coordinate & Manage Photo Shoots
  • Creative Direction 
  • Visual Artist
  • Concept Development


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