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Title: Sundown

Runtime: 15 Minutes

Released on: 4/18/2015

Director: Zachary Simon

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Producer: D.J. Rivera

Writers: Zachary Simon, D.J. Rivera

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STARRING: David Rose, Yeselie Denise, David Raizor, Serena Thomas

PLOT: In the near future, scientists have discovered dangerous abnormalities with the sun. The gas giant has become unstable and a deadly solar flare is bound for earth. As mankind is helpless to stop the coming solar event, people across the world scramble to make peace during Earth’s last moments. Sundown is about Theo Hannah and his race against the apocalypse to redeem the sins of his past. 

Notable Awards

- Best Makeup and Hairstyle - International Online WebFest

- Awards of Merit for Editing, Sound Design, Cinematography, and Music - Southern Shorts Awards

- Special Jury Award - Los Angeles Urban Film Festival

Sundown Official Film Poster
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