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"What can I say about D.J. accept that he is easily one of the most driven filmmakers I have come across in my experience in the game. I first met him when I auditioned for the role of "Chariot" in his upcoming feature "Torrent" and have had the honor to work with him in his next project including the lead in his film "Messiah". He is incredibly easy to work with and knows his shots, doesn't play around when it comes to game time and there is no other way I would have it."


-Jimmy Dempster (cw's The Originals, Swamp Murders, Devious Maids)

"I was very impressed at his precision skill. Whether it was the planning, the shooting, or the execution, He seemed to have it under control all by himself."




"D.J.'s knowledge and passion were key in helping us reach our goal for the crowd funding Campaign. He really knows how to engage an audience."


- Patricia Korzec

Moreno Valley Councilwoman

"By far one of our most gifted AND PASSIONATE students. He has raised the bar on what we can put out from this program."


- Maylen Dominguez

Head of Film masters Program FSU, Director of The Florida Film Festival

"When things didn't go as planned,  D.J. was always ready with a solution.

Made us look good with the guys from Fox."


- Mark Shokley

President, Founder Evolution LA Media

"D.J. is always on top of it. He has a great attitude on set and keeps everyone energized and on schedule. I loved working with Dj on all of our projects."


-Kat Demp (Freelance Editor at ESPN and "The Daily Buzz" on Fox 35 FL.)

"Shooting in a hospital with sensitive material is never easy. Unless you have D.J. on your crew."


- Full Moon Creative, LLC.

"He is truly a master. I can't wait to see what comes next."


Jacquelyne Faith  (Model, Actress, Writer)

"D.J. Showed great enthusiasm and Knowledge in the overall filmmaking process, I was very impressed with his skill set."


- Academy award

winner Bill Benton

"Workin with D.J. is always a blessing. he handles everything down to a T. So whenever he calls, I answer..."


- Brett Ryan

Award Winning SFX Makeup artist.

"D.J. is a solid operator in the industry. He has ideas faster then he can write them down. A true game changer."


- Javier Mendez

Licensing at Sony Music

"I've never met anyone that knows more about film production then D.J. Rivera."


- David Daudin


"D.J. Showed a level of dedication to his film

that I hadn't seen before. He truly has a passion for filmmaking thats on another level."

- Mike Orlowski,


"D.J. is one of the best the Industry has to offer. I don't see a lot getting in his way." 


- Tyler Suggs

Award Winning Filmmaker

"Skilled. extremely skilled in his craft. What else is there to say? The man knows what he's doing."


- Tod Rosienski

Campaign Manager

County Commissioner

Diane Rowden 2016 

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