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Check out some exclusive movie clips from the award-winning short film Sundown, Produced By D.J. Rivera. The film is now available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo On Demand.

VOD trailers for the award-winning films DJR has brought to life. All of them are now available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo On Demand. 


Commercial for The Daily Buzz's very own coffee brand. Start your day the right way, Get that Buzz you need to get you through the day.​


Writer/Director: D.J. Rivera

Producer : D.J. Rivera

DJR Commercial Video Services

Torrent's Official Trailer


Award-winning trailer for the Feature Film Torrent 2017.


Producer and Editor: D.J. Rivera


Award-Winning Film Trailer Torrent
Winner Best Trailer D.J. River
Award-Winning Messiah Trailer

Messiah's Official Trailer


Award-winning trailer for the Feature Film Messiah 2018.


Producer and Editor: D.J. Rivera

Winner Best Trailer D.J. Rivera

Promotional Video Content

Short Spots made for the feature film Messiah (2018) to display on all social media platforms giving the audience a quick look into the world of Messiah, the outbreak, the infected and those that will be in Earth's Last Stand. 

Producer, Editor

Introducing the actor and a preview of the role they will be playing in the film. Character promotional spots for TV and web for the feature film Messiah (2018).

Writer, Producer, Editor

"Guard the Gate" Crowdfunding Promo


Guard the Gate was an informative video about all the great things California's March Field Air Museum has to offer. This historical site is home to some of the most important pieces of aviation history.


Writer, Director, Producer, Editor


Corporate ads for Eccerson Tech, a fictional software company in the film run by Cyber Celebrity Castor Eccesron, were used in the movie Torrent (2017) as well as the marketing campaign.

Writer, Producer, Editor

As part of its online campaign, hacked viral videos form the film Torrent's (2017) fictional cyber-terrorist group, The Praetorian Network, were released as if interrupting regularly scheduled programming. 

Producer, Editor


Teaser clips from the feature film Torrent (2017). provide viewers with a quick preview of the film enticing them to follow and subscribe. 

Producer, Editor

Short, concise promos displaying quotes about the characters building up demand on Social Media for the feature film Torrent (2017)

Producer, Editor

character Spots

These character spots introduce audiences to the actor and give them a preview of the role they will be playing in the film Torrent (2017).

Writer, Producer, Editor

These short promotional spots market each character for the film Torrent (2017). 

Producer, Editor, Writer

Teaser spots

Teaser Promos for the feature film Torrent (2017). A series of promotional material was presented as leaked intel from "The Program" itself, giving the audience a sneak peek into its sinister plan. 

Producer, Editor

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