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Camera Operator
D.J. Rivera IMDbPro Scroecard

Notable Awards:

Best Director - California Film Awards - Torrent (2017)

Best Feature Film - No Budget - Gold Movie Awards at the BAFTA Theater - Torrent (2017)

Honorable Mention - Best Indie Filmmaker - Global Film Festival Awards - Torrent (2017)

Notable Nominations:

Best Producer (2X) - Oniros Film Awards - Torrent (2017), Messiah (2018)

Best Director - Alternative Film Festival - Torrent (2017)

Best Feature Film- Atlanta Comic Con - Messiah (2018)

Writer Awards

Best Screenplay - European Independent Film Award - Torrent (2017)

Best Screenplay - Mindfield Film Festival in Los Angeles - Torrent (2017)

Award of Recognition - Script/Writer- Indiefest Film Awards - Torrent(2018)

Honorable Mention Indie Filmmaker
Winner Best Film No Budget Award
Best Sci-Fi Film - Messiah
California Film Awards
Nominated Best Sci-Fi Film
Winner Best Mystery Suspense Film
Nominated Best Producer
Best Indie Film
Honorable Mention Best indie Filmmaker D.J. Rivera
Best Indie Film - Torrent
Film Set
Film Preview
Video Camera
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