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Post Production is where we combine the collaborative vision, put all of its pieces together, and finally bring your story to life. At this crucial stage, nothing should be left to chance and no compromises should be made. DJR can supervise and ensure that the project comes in on time, within budget and exceeds all expectations. Regulating the visuals, sound, music, and the narrative is one thing DJR is not only heavily experienced in but truly proves himself on being above average at supervising the Post Production process. With DJR at the helm, your victory is guaranteed.


Armed with surgical skills & tactics, Mr. Rivera is a monster of experience, resources, and raw talent in the new age of Post Production. DJR has a keen ability to overcome any obstacle in the editing suite and prides himself on solving the hardest problems in the project's final stages. When its all said and done, DJR brings you the highest quality deliverables in a timely and professional manner.

Cuts By DJR Logo
Cuts By DJR Logo

The logo for the Post Production aspect of DJR's outfit.

Vessel Wins Best Editing
Vessel Wins Best Editing

DJR's first award in film was Best Editing for his short film Vessel.

Cuts By DJR Banner
Cuts By DJR Banner

The official banner for DJR's post production department.

Cuts By DJR Logo
Cuts By DJR Logo

The logo for the Post Production aspect of DJR's outfit.


Supervising, assisting and editing any and all content including:

Title Design

Lower Thirds

Sound Design

Music Placement


Demo Reels

BTS Featurettes

Website Content

Social Media Content

Instructional Videos

Event Coverage​

Music Videos



Web series



Sizzle Reels

VFX Show Reel for the Feature Film Messiah (2018)

Demo Reel for Videographer Tyler Suggs of Tyler Suggs Productions.

VFX Show Reel for the Feature Film Torrent (2017)

Producer/Director Reel for D.J. Rivera of DJR Entertainment.

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