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The art of storytelling has been around since mankind first learned to communicate and will live on long after we are gone. This proves the point that great stories have the possibility to build legacies that stand the test of time. The simple fact of the matter is our brains are hard-wired to obtain information through visual storytelling. DJR will craft a story that captivates your audience and evokes an emotional connection. A good story gets audiences excited about watching films, videos or content. To put it plainly, great writing instills confidence, facilitates clarity, and conveys one's commitment to doing what is necessary for successful results. All the time I help clients achieve more with the written word. When you utilize my unique skill set, you get compelling narratives, legitimately researched content, solid screenplays, and a tone tailored to your unique audience. 

Written By DJR
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Written By DJR
EIFA Best Screenplay Award
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Besides being an award-winning scriptwriter with a proven storytelling ability, I am also an entertainment writer with a passion for covering all aspects of the world of TV, streaming, and cinema. For several years I have written for different outlets providing a unique perspective and wealth of knowledge for readers to learn everything they need to know about the industries of film and television. I write regularly for several professional entertainment news outlets online that have a very large audience. To see more of my work to be kept up on all the latest news click the button below. 

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